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Училището не е подготовка за живота, то е самият живот!

СУ "Възраждане" | Автор: Милена Неделчева

В училищната библиотека


В училищната библиотека
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When we talk about reading, we imagine a book. When we talk about books, there is always a reason to get it. Because our spirit needs support and care.

     On the 1– st of November in Bulgaria we commemorate the day of national heroes and leaders, who fought for freedom and defend Bulgarian spirit of nationality. This is very important day for us like a nation and people. There are not many countries, which has official memorial days for the immaterial and spiritual values of life, freedom and prosperity.

     In connection with the project SUPEER, the students from 2 “a” class, together with their teacher Lozana Uzunova, decided to glorify the date by non-formal method. They visited the school library and read important and special books from the history there. With the help of the librarian, Mrs. Tsoneva, the children found how interesting and useful the library is. This is one of the ways to teach, by non-formal methods, children to love books and reading, to share their books between themselves and to learn more about our history and traditions.


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